reSET’s Summer Internship Program is designed to equip students with skills in entrepreneurship and social enterprise, and provide them with exposure to a diverse set of industries.

The program is comprised of three components: working directly with startup teams; professional development education; and the reSET Innovation Challenge – an opportunity to launch their own startup.

The deadline to apply as an intern is March 15, 2019.



Program Details

The Summer Internship Program utilizes a cohort model, whereby a group of students work side by side out of the reSET Business Factory, located in the Parkville neighborhood of Hartford. Each student is matched with several start-up businesses, and manages a portfolio of projects over the course of the summer, working alongside the start-up teams as they develop and test important components of their ventures. Participating students may qualify for a  travel stipend as well as access to all of reSET’s member benefits.

  • Work With Startups

    Students are matched, on a project by project basis, with start-ups in reSET’s community. These matches are made taking into consideration each student’s career interests, past experience, and skill sets. Common project themes include developing and executing marketing strategies, digital content creation, market research, investor/funder prospect research, product development, business strategy, sales and sales strategy, metrics collection, and financial analysis.

  • Business and Startup Workshops

    In addition to the “on the job” training in entrepreneurship that occurs through working with start-up businesses, reSET provides numerous professional development opportunities for participating students. These include a series of seminars on topics such as business model design, lean methodology, and social enterprise, as well as facilitated discussions with decision makers in CT’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

  • Work on Your Own Startup Concept

    reSET’s Summer Internship Program places great emphasis on developing a positive and productive cohort dynamic. Interns participate in weekly team meetings, engage in various activities and collaborate together on a number of different initiatives. reSET works to foster a creative and innovative atmosphere and encourages students to work together and independently on their own projects and initiatives.

Request an Intern

The reSET Summer Internship Program is designed for undergraduate students interested in entrepreneurship.  Interns are matched with startups on a project-by-project basis.


In order to be considered for an intern match, startups must submit an application outlining their project scope and deliverables.
  • The project scope is your brief (~1 paragraph) description of the main objective and what skills the intern would need to be successfull.  For example, if your project was to analyze your 3 main competitors then an intern would need to have experience with marketing and business analysis.
  • The deliverables should provide more details about the specific steps required to complete your project scope.  Each one of these steps (a deliverable) should specify the amount of time required to complete the task and have clear explanations of what a successfully complete step looks like.


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