The Impact Accelerator Venture Showcase is a chance for the top companies in their year’s cohort to share the pitches they’ve been working on for the past four months and compete for funding!

We’re doing something a little different this year — we’re looking to you, the community, to pick one of the pitches! Read the bios for each participating company below and scroll to the bottom to vote for your favorite to pitch at the Venture Showcase. The venture with the most votes will get to pitch and win the Community Choice Award. Cast your vote by June 3.

Alchemists Beauty LLC

Alchemists Beauty LLC has created a beauty tonic called S T R U C T U R E. This tonic is formulated with a diverse selection of plant based essential nutrients the body needs to renew, protect & repair our skin. S T R U C T U R E is approaching beautiful skin with a new philosophy; from the inside out. Founded by high school chemistry teachers Áine Kapell and Ann Guerrera.

What would you do with $10,000 from the Venture Showcase?
$10,000 would truly help with startup costs for production (materials and space), initial customer trials, marketing materials, distribution, and researching target customers.

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Dorm Dolla

Dorm Dolla is the online store of college students, young executives, and on-the-go families. “We simplify life for college students and beyond,” says CEO Romeo Bruton.

What would you do with $10,000 from the Venture Showcase?
With $10,000, Dorm Dolla would start a marketing campaign.

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Engagement Solutions

Engagement Solutions is a mobile friendly cloud based platform to link people in need to services that meet their basic needs. Powered with Artificial Intelligence to simplify access and predict needs for individuals and communities.

What would you do with $10,000 from the Venture Showcase?
Engagement Solutions would use the Venture Showcase reward for prototype development of our mobile platform, and further market research to drive development.

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Gallium is a drive-thru coffee business that aims to bring its customers the best flavor coffee in an accurate, consistent, and convenient way by using “Coffee ATMs” and a smartphone app.

What would you do with $10,000 from the Venture Showcase?
Gallium would use this money for the construction and refinement of its prototype. Also, Gallium will use a portion of the award to create more content for its online presence, and to prepare for additional crowdfunding rounds.

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Gardens of New York

Gardens of New York is an online media platform whose mission is to promote urban gardening and encourage new perspectives on the practice. Through engaging content and inspiring images of the public and private gardens in NYC, we aim to bring people together around themes of beauty, purpose and possibility.

What would you do with $10,000 from the Venture Showcase?
Ten thousand dollars would go toward jump-starting this program. Half of it would go directly toward fees for developing a new website with our Reno-based contractor. The other half would go into content creation – purchasing of film and photography materials, video editor fees, and attorney fees for counsel related to media licensing rights and other legal concerns.

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Helpfie Smart First Aid (eSociates)

We equip bystanders with life saving skills delivered on demand, in an elegant and intuitive mobile application.

What would you do with $10,000 from the Venture Showcase?
Conduct a beta release pilot with educators and caregivers. Thereafter scale and grow our user base to include employees as part of wellness programs.

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Jam Program

Jam Program builds communities one party at a time. It’s your book club, but better. Jam Kits have shaken and stirred women’s outdated, sit-in-a-circle snooze-fest parties. A Jam Kit is for the brave lady who prioritizes fun and friendship in real life. The Kit includes a proven program and supplies to put a fresh twist on creating connections.

What would you do with $10,000 from the Venture Showcase?
Wow! We would use that investment to refine and scale the production of our magnetic nametags and Jam Kits. We’d also use it to create professional video content.

Read our Jam Program profile.

Kiyomi Beauty Box

Skincare can be confusing – there are so many options, it’s difficult to find the right solution for you. In that way, Kiyomi Beauty is a lifesaver! This bi-monthly subscription box navigates the Korean Beauty industry, curates and delivers 5-7 full-size and deluxe sample products right to your doorstep.

What would you do with $10,000 from the Venture Showcase?
I’d like to use the money to help me launch a sub-product in my line. I am hoping to launch a smaller yet more accessible product line (with only sheet masks). The money would help me source the products, buy box materials, as well as increase my marketing and social content production. Utilizing freelancers in the area, I can improve my company image and create more educational and creative content for the company. Having a more reasonable priced box item can also help me reach a wider target market and increase my customer base. Lastly, I’d like to use the money to hire a website developer that can help me make my website more user-friendly (both in English and Spanish), with more content and more product options for purchase.

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Little Nomad

For those unwilling to waiver in their good taste & elevated home aesthetic because of real life — spills, pets, toddlers! Make and create spaces that are functional and beautiful, with Little Nomad.

What would you do with $10,000 from the Venture Showcase?
Research and Development of our next product!

Read our Little Nomad profile.


N Gage LLC

N Gage creates visual performance management software for contact centers.

What would you do with $10,000 from the Venture Showcase?
If we are fortunate to secure $10k, we would invest in upgrading our web presence, R & D for product enhancements, legal and various administrative needs. We would also use some of the funds to prepare for additional funding engagements.

Read our N Gage profile.

Raise Green

Raise Green is a platform that allows anyone to invest small amounts of money in local renewable energy projects. A platform that makes it easier to open a solar array in your neighborhood than a gas station.

What would you do with $10,000 from the Venture Showcase?
Hire staff to help launch the first round of community-led climate solutions projects.

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Sole 2 Soul Movement

Sole 2 Soul Movement is an eco-system of social enterprises that work in synergy to provide solutions for a range of social economic issues, especially those faced by Opportunity-Youth and the Second chance community. This will consist of the Sole 2 Soul Festival (our annual outreach event founded in 2011), S2S Training, S2S Kitchen and Sole 2 Soul Academy.

What would you do with $10,000 from the Venture Showcase?
If I won $10,000 at the venture showcase I would use the money as follows: $500 to run an ad for a video about Sole 2 Soul; $2,000 towards the Sole 2 Soul Festival taking place on August 17, 2019; and the rest of the money would go toward our goal of $50,000 for the downpayment on a mixed-use property as the S2S headquarters and housing for people in need.

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TIEV (Treasure in Earthen Vessels)

TIEV (Treasure in Earthen Vessels) is an e-commerce platform which will identify, market, and sell on a global scale, the products of talented artisans in developing countries, who lack the opportunities, finances, tools, and channels to showcase and benefit from their talent. The result of which will be promotion of economic empowerment, entrepreneurship, individual and community sustainment.

What would you do with $10,000 from the Venture Showcase?
The $10,000 will assist artisans with the seed start needed to procure materials to make products. It will also provide the boost needed to market the company and artisan creations to attract customers and others needed to foster TIEV’s success. This in part includes hiring a country liaison who will be essential in providing on-site, hands on support to artisans.

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Universal HandTalk

Universal HandTalk™ is a simple system of 48 gestures that can be learned in a 4 hour workshop. It is used with teachers, first responders, English Learning Centers, challenged individuals, hospitals and health care centers.

What would you do with $10,000 from the Venture Showcase?
We would use the money for printing and marketing of the mini and maxi books on how to learn and teach Universal HandTalk.

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