This series highlights the ventures and founders participating in the 2019 Impact Accelerator. Leading up to the Venture Showcase, we’re asking each company how their personal values are reflected in their business, and what they would do with $10,000 if they won it at the Venture Showcase this June.

Venture Name: N Gage, LLC

Members: Wil Lopez CEO & Founder (pictured); Luis Mendez, Operations Consultant; Ben Mozzer, Web/Operations Consultant

Venture Description: N Gage creates visual performance management software for contact centers.

How does this business reflect your personal values?
The inspiration for N Gage came from my desire to create an application that would appropriately evaluate individual effort. Employee productivity is often perceived from a very narrow perspective. The N Gage application provides a 360-degree view of productivity that is both visualized and monetized.

We believe this wholistic approach to understanding productivity is fair, unbiased and essential in helping to develop and engage employees with the ultimate goal of retaining employees, improving productivity and aligning individual goals with established corporate goals. The N Gage application aligns with our belief in empowering individuals and providing transparency in a manner that encourages people to improve and reach for higher standards.

If you were to win the $10,000 grand prize at the Venture Showcase, what would you do with it?
If we are fortunate to secure $10k, we would invest in upgrading our web presence, R & D for product enhancements, legal and various administrative needs. We would also use some of the funds to prepare for additional funding engagements.